The Gray Man, Moonday Mag volume 1 (fiction)
A family sitting shiva is visited by a mysterious and uninvited guest.

Tunnelmaker (screenplay excerpt)
A disgruntled cop and a homeless man team up to take down the creature that’s living in the New York Subway system and feeding on the city’s unhoused.

How to Kill an Elephant (screenplay excerpt)
Inspired by true events, How to Kill an Elephant follows Robyn, an American businesswoman and big game hunter, as she embarks on Botswana’s last officially sanctioned elephant hunt.

Doe (screenplay excerpt)
When skinheads murder his ex girlfriend and take her daughter hostage, Tom calls upon the skills and people from his past to get her back by any means necessary. 

Coby Dominus is a writer who lives in Los Angeles, but he would like to stress that he is not from there, and is in fact, from New York. Full scripts available upon request:
also on Letterboxd.